Valeria Rizzo

why am I here???

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Valeria Rizzo (me)

born in Brescia (Italy) on May 29th 1986.

Led by a strong attitude towards drawings, Valeria attends the artistic high school "M. Olivieri" in her hometown, getting her degree in June 2005.

She continues her studies at the school of fine arts "Clementina" in Bologna, in the Visual Art section - Painting, where she thoroughly studies oil paintings and broadens her knowledge and technical skills in many other fields of expression such as: engraving, anatomical drawings, lithographic sculpture, bronze fusion, clay modeling, felt-making, performance, figure and still-life drawings, illustration and comic drawings, photography, art semiotics and aesthetics.

She graduates in Paintings with a 110/110 grade in September 2010.

In January 2011 she starts working with a professional graphic tablet and the digital drawing software "Corel Painter".

Currently she works for commission at her own studio.



the essence of life

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...me talking

. . . My passion for paintings has been nurtured by a very large group of great Masters, amongst whom Normal Rockwell, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and Karl Larsson most certainly stand out.

I have studied, contemplated, emulated and loved their works, as if they were pearls of priceless knowledge sown to be harvested . . .

Paintings, especially oil paintings, is certainly one of my great loves. The act of painting, somehow, holds in itself the great emotion of creation and birth. What used to be an immaculate, virgin canvas now discloses to the world something amazingly new and unique.

While painting I am immersed into a world that belongs only to me, where during a few brief, almighty moments, I feel like a god before a world to be created...

Oils Gallery

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Digital Portraits

fighting with tecnology - the new me Vale2.0

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...antani come se fosse.

Digital painting by means of graphic tablet is quite new to me, but I find that in some specific situations it may be used to emulate real paintings or drawings.

Although results are surprisingly effective in emulating the real painting technique, I still find myself bound more to the real representation from the easel.

However, I would like to mention that such a tool, enhanced by specific graphic software for technique emulation, requires a manual capacity and a chromatic sensibility similar to those needed by a non-digital drawing or painting.

The works presented have been printed in plexiglass boards, which, as a matter of the ligth condition, remind me both oil and glass paints.

Digital Gallery

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trying out different experiences

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a big boiling pot

A collection of different tecniques I've tried in the last years.

Ranging from engravings, illustratoions for small stories and the first attempt with the graphic tablet.

Digital Gallery

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Get in touch

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Recent Projects

a short summary of what is going on in my world

  • Fjordbyen

    today I've started the symbol image for Fjordbyen Cultur Centre

    Some sketches and ideas ...

  • upcoming illustrated books

    just finished the illustrations for the second book of the Yoga for Kids series

    Few more steps and it is finished...working on the front and back covers

  • Trilogy part II

    today I made a good step forwar for the ending of the second paint of the trilogy "Divinities, nature and transformation"

    "OXOSSI"" 2,54x1,83 meters.

  • Exposition

    ...installing "THE FALLING OF LUCIFER" at Huset gallery. It will be exposed during the Aalborg Surreal.

  • Trilogy part II

    today i started the second canvans of the trilogy "Divinities, nature and transformation"

    ...it is a huge one 3x2 meters.

  • Trilogy part I

    today i finished the first canvans of the trilogy "Divinities, nature and transformation"

    "THE FALLING OF LUCIFER" 2,54x1,83 meters.